John Hogan, Vice President of Maintenance Services, has been with the company since 1982.

John works with building managers and owners on the creation and implementation of annual and forecasted budgets and project management from tenant finish to multi-story renovation. He creates specifications and bids out projects such as roof replacements, building automation systems, HVAC Systems replacement, fire alarm systems, building security, and card access.

John has dealt with general contractors and architects from plan review to tenant finish and new building construction. He is familiar with various county, city and municipal codes. John is in charge of hiring personnel and supervising staff. He performs pricing and implementation of revenue savings to building owners through lighting, HVAC, and building automation systems. John performs due diligence and prepares reports regarding all aspects of building construction and all related building systems for perspective buyers.


  • Todd Arnold Award, 2003, from Follman Properties in recognition of his commitment to excellence


  • Florissant Valley Community College , St. Louis, MO
  • B.I.T., St. Louis, MO
    • HVAC and Electrical Controls